Trip and adventure to Hanthana Mountain Range Kandy Sri Lanka

Breathtaking encounters

Arguably boasting some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery and mountain views, the trails around W15 Hanthana make for some truly peaceful and inspiring nature walks.

Breathtaking encounters

Beautifully magnificent sights of Hanthana

The Hanthana region is a veritable treasure trove of flora and fauna, some unique to this region of the island. Our highly experienced in-house Naturalist will be happy to enhance your understanding of the plant animal life of the area. From over 120 bird species to endemic butterflies and trees, our Naturalist will create specialized presentations to educate you before embarking on a Nature Walk.

A truly insightful experience can be enjoyed, whatever your age, with this expert who will engage with you to increase your own knowledge of Nature’s secrets in the Hanthana region.

The Hanthana Mountain Range

South-west of Kandy in Sri Lanka's central highlands is where you'll find the Hanthana Mountain Range. According to the National Environment Act, it was designated as an environmental protection area in 2010. The range's highest point is 1,200 m. (3,800 ft). Seven summits make up the mountain range. The Uura Kanda is the highest. The range is a popular location for Sri Lankan mountain hikers.

The Hanthana Mountain Range

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Be mesmerized by this exquisite slice of Mountain life, embraced in the warmth of the Indian Ocean and sought after by sun seeking surfers. Enjoy the untouched and unspoiled beauty of Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka.

Cooking Classes at Hanthana Kandy Sri Lanka

Cooking Classes

Join our cooking class and delve into the secrets of Sri Lankan cuisine, guided by our talented Chef.

Wildlife adventure at Hanthana Mountain Range Kandy Sri Lanka

Wildlife excursions at Hanthana

Enjoy an exciting safari with a tour guide in this richly populated environmental zone, protected for its biodiversity in animals, flora and fauna.

Tea Estates at Hanthana Kandy Sri Lanka

Tea Estates and Tea Factories

Discover the home and process of the world renowned Ceylon tea. The tea estates that call the hills home are a reminder of the rich history the industry holds.

Bird watching and Butterfly Spotting at Hanthana Mountain Range Kandy

Bird and butterfly watching

Hanthana is a secret paradise for serious bird-watchers and butterfly-enthusiasts. Our butler or in-house naturalist can provide you with fascinating information and help you spot these marvels of nature.

Tour Trip to Kandy Sri Lanka

Tours of Kandy city

Explore an ancient city that is a bustling hub in the centre of the island. From Colonial architecture to historic landmarks, Kandy is a city with captivating secrets that await your presence.

High Tea at Hanthana Kandy Sri Lanka

The luxurious High Tea experience

Tea-time is served with a delicious line-up of pastries, scones and cakes, and freshly brewed tea from the estates surrounding you.

Garden games at Hanthana Kandy Sri Lanka

Garden Games

Hanthana is situated close to two of Sri Lanka’s best and most picturesque golf clubs. Victoria Golf and Country.

Tennis Hanthana Kandy Sri Lanka

Life is better on the court

Hanthana is situated close to two of Sri Lanka’s best and most picturesque golf clubs. Victoria Golf and Country Resort. Donald Steele- designed golf course but also swimming, tennis and horse-riding.

Royal Peradeniya Botanic Gardens Kandy Sri Lanka Hanthana

Royal Peradeniya Botanic Gardens

Witness the enchanting beauty of flora and fauna. Sri Lanka is a tropical country with thousands of indigenous species, many of which are protected within the lush green spaces of The Peradeniya Royal Botanical Garden.

Hanthana Mountain Range and Tea Plantations

Discover the mystical mountains of Hanthana

The Ceylon tea industry birthed the design and building of picturesque tea plantation bungalows with sprawling gardens to match throughout the island. Our bungalow is typical of the Kandyan region with gardens that are tended to with much care.

Meditation sessions at Hanthana Kandy Hill Country Sri Lanka

Meditation at Hanthana

Embark on an expedition from our estate bungalow to seek peace within while rejuvenating your body, mind and soul.

Golf course in Kandy Sri Lanka Hanthana

Nuwara Eliya Golf Club

Hanthana is situated close to two of Sri Lanka’s best and most picturesque golf clubs. Victoria Golf and Country Resort in nearby Digana is a 500-acre estate on the border of the Victoria reservoir.


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